Why is health important for beauty


We know that skin is the largest organ in human body, and glowing skin is the reflection of your health. Taking care of your health is the major reason for look beautiful and eating is the most helpful way to keep healthy yourself. 

Now the question is why eating...? 

- When we start aging we have less protein in the skin that's why we have more wrinkles and less elastic in skin. Protein is the responsible for elasticity and youthfulness. Healthy eating can prevent skin damages and aging. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Vitamin C can help build more Collagen. 

- Healthy eating boosts your immune system. Many skin problems are caused by lack of immunity. If you are not eating properly your immune system can't fight with bacteria and viruses, that caused health and beauty problem. When you provide your immune system with the nutrients it needs it will be able to fight anything harmful for your beauty or health.

- Currently we live in a toxic world where we need to consume more antioxidant food. So that we can nutralize fres radicals, and we can protect the skin structures from free radical damage. We produce free radicals in simple living life this free radical is to fight off infection regularly.

- Healthy food intake prevent many deficiencies. Deficiency like lack of Iron can cause hemoglobin deficiency. A lack of an essential nutrient can affect the skin, nails and hair. So eating right food is most important to supply enough minerals to the body.

- Natural healthy food provide the fuel to your body. You need good diet to maintain life. Food are main source of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. Your diet gives the nutrients to skin, hairs and nails which constantly renew themselves. For this ongoing renovation you need nutrients.

- One of the major reason for skin and beauty problem could be a hormonal imbalance. Healthy eating can fixes all hormonal imbalance too.

Every one wants to look best and for this we need to feed our body with whole natural foods. Food that provide the essential nutrients to our body, skin, hairs and nails. Healthy eating is not only gives you a radiant beauty but gives you good health, self-esteem, happiness, more active and stress free life. 

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