What is the role of hairs

   Being a woman hairs are the most important part of your beauty. It has an important role of your appearance, it sets the tone for your entire look. Here we Dewdrop Glam Beauty listed the role of your hairs. 

* It gives you a good personality

A good hairstyle gives a good personality whether you are in a corporate meeting or in a small family function. 

* It makes you more confidence

If your hair is well set, looks healthy and shiny and in a good shape definitely you will be more confident about yourself. 

* Enhance your beauty

Very healthy hairs always attract the people. It enhance your natural beauty. You will look more attractive. 

* Complement with simple dress

Healthy hairs and a good hair do can complement with the simple dress. If you wore a designer dress and your hairs are messy then how will you look...? 

* Your hairs becomes your identity

Every one wants good hair. For sure people will notice your hair and they will remember you like, oh.... that nice hair girl..! 

* A bad hairstyle can reflect negatively the person who wear it

A bad hairstyle reflect badly on the person who wears it. With a bad hairstyle you come off as a lazy and careless person or a person with the low self-esteem. 

 * It makes you more smarter

According to a study, people with a good hairstyle feel smarter and more capable at performing tasks as opposed to those who are going a bad hair day. 

* It shows you take care of yourself

For a good hairstyle require a healthy and shiny hair. Which can be achieved with the right stylist even if you have thin, damaged and dry hair, I have solution. There is a hope and style for every hair type. 

* A bad hair day is equal to a bad dayday

A messy hair doesn't look impressive at all even if you have wore a branded clothes. 

* A good hair leaves good impression

A good and shiny hair always highlight your appearance. Your hair can be your confidence booster. 


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