Importance of basic skin care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, that means how important to take care of it. Good skin care can help delay natural aging and prevent various skin problem. 

      Importance of basic skin care

* Cleansing

Throughout the day and night our skin absorb oil, dirt, sweat and other pollutants. Which harsh our skin.So that using of cleanser will remove all the pollutants and keep your skin pores clear and fresh. 
Your cleanser may vary based on your skin type.

* Toning

After cleaning tone your skin with toner, it may seem unnecessary, but most experts agree that skin toning is an important addition to your basic skin care. Toner removes any residue left behind by the cleanser. A lot of people skip this step because they think it's too harsh for skin but, not so..! Today's toner are formulated to deliver moisture and anti aging benefits.

* Serum and spot treatment

Serum and spot treatment is for acne, wrinkles, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Both are highly concentrated formulas which benefits deep into skin's layers.

* Moisturizing

Moisturizing provides a protecting layer to your skin which locks moisture and keep skin hydrated. When your skin senses its dry, it actually produces more oil which can make matter worse. So its important to maintain skin balance and hydration. 
               According to your skin type you can choose the moisturizer. Listen to your skin so you can make sure you are caring for it. 

* Eye cream/Gel

Eye cream is not just for dark circles or soothing eye. It recommended for anti aging cream.  At early as you 20's since this is the age when people start seeing of aging and eye wrinkles. 

* SPF 

Sun Protection Factor this is the measure of how much a sunscreen will protect skin from ultra violet rays. SPF protect your skin from sunburn and damages of skin. 
          Apply a daily dose of SPF protection before going outdoors even on cloudy days. 

So this is the way you can keep your skin healthy and moist. Keeping good habits in addition to good skin care will help the skin age gracefully and beautifully.

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